A Little Bit of History

It took us several months to decide to make an offer on the parquet flat. After being outbid on many others closer to town we finally did it.

In my mind, I had an image of an iconic photograph of the neighbourhood taken over a 100 years ago around the time the flat was built. I thought that photo would look nice hung on one of the walls of our soon-to-be flat. So I searched online, and it took a while, but I finally found on ebay a reprint of a postcard with that famous photo from 1905.

I watched the ebay item, and watched and waited. When our offer on the flat was finally accepted, I hung the phone and bought the postcard.

Months later, I thrifted an old wooden frame and cut a mount to size, and voila! Result below. 

A little bit of history on our marble mantelpiece.

The neighbourhood remains relatively unchanged. The tram tracks no longer run down this road, the clock now stands on the pavement to the left, and the road is no longer cobbled. But otherwise, I would say it looks identical today.

This is now a view I cycled down to everyday on my way back from work.