Hi, I'm Aciel. My grandma calls me Alice. You can call me Aciel. 

The name is Arabic. I was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and at the age of 23, I moved to Edinburgh to study. I did a Masters in Informatics, and for the lack of better things to do afterwards I stayed on and pursued a PhD in Informatics, which I completed in July 2014.

Despite only ever living in two cities, and never in an actual tent, I do feel like a nomad at heart. This is why I'm Nomadic Alice.

I sometimes have useful and/or amusing things to say, and so I've decided to start a blog. 

Here's an airbrushed photo of myself. My sister says that the expression I have on my face suggests that I'm about to say something witty. But really, I'm not about to say anything witty at all.

At the end of my PhD, I toyed with the idea of retraining as an architect; I've always wanted to be an architect, but the option of studying architecture in Saudi Arabia was not available to women at the time. Retraining as an architect takes 7 years. As I have children to feed, this did not seem viable. So instead, I decided to purchase a historical property and pretend I'm what you might call an "original features restoration specialist". Maybe I'll blog about some of my restoration efforts.

Deciding not to pursue architecture has lead me to my current profession. I am now a software developer at a statistical consultancy. This is great fun because I get to program, which I love, and I also get to play with cool statistics. Perhaps it's okay that I'm not an architect.

When I'm not programming, feeding my small children, or admiring cool buildings, I take pictures. I seem to have a good grasp of the technical side of photography, but something's still missing. Maybe this blog will help me find it, whatever 'it' may be.